We are looking for:

Illustrations, Photography, Writings, Musings, Collages, Sketches, Paintings, Crossword puzzles, etc. etc . however and whatever you create.

That represent your feelings and interpretations about the cosmos. Use truth or fiction, real science or pseudoscience. Is the cosmos a place of inner Nirvana, or intense fear? Cosmic mysticism or hard boiled fact? Evoke a feeling, explain a phenomenon, whatever just keep it spacey.

I am hoping an Oct. 1st 2019 deadline lights a fire under your ass, but isn’t intense pressure, this should be a fun project and a great way to check out other creative interpretations of a theme.

Submit your Artwork here:

Submissions Closed

The not-so-fine Print:

Acceptance and layout decisions will be made by Strange Daze Printshop (if layout ties into your piece, please feel free to add input)

Ultimately it would be awesome to produce physical Zine, but will start in a free digital format as a way to promote artist and the creative process.

If and when a physical copy is produced all featured artist will receive a free copy. Compensation for contributing artist will be determined if and when a physical copy is produced, and all contributing artist will be given the option to opt in or out at that time.

First and foremost, lets just put together a great little publication centered around a vague and loose overall theme to encourage and promote each others work and the arts in general, or yeah.

All artists will of course retains any and all rights to their individual contributions and artwork.